Finally!! After almost 5 months of non sleeping well and hard working at the universtity this weekend I went to Jilotepec, my local climbing area! It was very refreshing to feel the rock again! But its really pity to feel everytime weak or the sensation of being tired fast.
After the proper warming up I decided to sound out my situation so I placed my draws to the half of the route of my old proyect -"Beell Tuunich 13d/8b"-, trying 3 of the 4 cruxes of the route. I had a surprise when I managed to solve the first two cruxes from one pull (not bad!!). That motivates me a lot! 
I just know that I'll get back in shape. It doesn't matter how many times I fall, I always get up. I'll be crushing soon!!
Isabel Silva (Chere) swinging on Numeros Rojos 13d/8b


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