If you're envolved to rock climbing since a few time you will know that the climbing lifestyle it's not only about rocks and chalk. Climbing it's also about traveling, learning, discovery and why not? PARTY!
This time Fer Gonzalez, Oscar Trías, Andrea, Manu Villa, Daniel Tapia, Sofía Heinze, Marcela Gutierrez and me had the opportunity to visit the wine cellars of Freixenet during the grape harvest season. The plan was to visit the cellars on saturday and bouldering during sunday (yeaaahh, sure!). So the Freixenet cellars would be the first stop in the schedule.

Welcome to the wine route!!!

The Freixenet cellars -rised originally in Catalunya, Spain- are housed inside the wine producer region of San Juan del Río in Ezequiel Montes, Querétaro. This is a special location because it's just perfect for the grape growing due the optimal geoclimatic characteristics. Owing to the height (2000 masl) and the contrasting temperatures during the day and night a peculiar and extreme grape ripening it's produced... wich is well spent, basically  in the production of sparkling wine and the rest in red wine.

Mmmmmm, fresh sweet sparkling wine!!
... Oh Lord, oh Lord!! Saturday was just out of the league! That was a day full of dancing, singing, partying, furniture bouldering (we are table bouldering experts) and of course... drinking wine and eat a lot!! Everything was perfect, including the little fright of lose Tomas, our canine petite compagnon (and get him back after).
 That was an intense day with the perfect ending talking and watching the stars in a beautiful night next to Peña de Bernal.
Spending some skin on "Fusión V7/7a+" A beauty classic in Boulder City. Photo by Manu Villa
Pedro G. pulling hard in the sector of "Las afueras" . Photo by Manu Villa
At next day and not very early we pick up the tents and we went disposed to climb. The crushing list was not very extense due the last day but anyway was fun and productive.
Some of the sends of that weekend were:

-> O le brincas o le trincas V7/7a+
-> Prohibido caerse V5/6c
-> Plumas voladoras V4/6b
-> La rueda de la fortuna V3/6a+
-> Carenalga V4/6b
-> El Mesero V5/6c
-> Floripondia V4/6b
-> Blocote V2/5+
-> Los Pelos V2/5+
->Petirojo V1/5

As people say: An image is better than a thousand words... Thats why I left you a video. Filmed and edited by Daniel Tapia
freixenet boulders & wine 2011 from daniel ricardo on Vimeo.
Making John Wayne to be proud!! Next time!!

Come on!! I know where the boulders are!! Pic by Manu Villa.