Like some of you already know, I decided to make a climbing trip last year (The whole year, yeeeeeaaahh!!). I thought there was no evidence about that but a few days ago a video just poped up into the web. It's filmed and edited by a very good friend of mine from South Africa, Micky Wiswedel. The hole crew in Siurana, Rodellar, Margalef and some other cool spots! Enjoy it!!

Viva la vida!! Part 1

Viva la vida!! Part 2

Viva la vida!! Part 3

Viva la Vida pt3 from Micky on Vimeo.

Uuuuhhhhhh! Is somebody psyked about going climbing?!?! Until next time!! Good climbs! ;-)



I would like to introduce you the ONIX!! Wich is the name of my local boulder gym, where friends and I usually go training and gossiping (hehe). This is a nice place where we've  everything we need: chalk, a woody and... bikini girls with cold drinks!!! ok ok, as you imagine there are no bikini girls but they have cold drinks so you should go.
Andres taking it easy on a V4. Source: encadenemexico.com
Richie showing how it's done on this V7. Source: encadenemexico.com

The Maratonix 2 was the second edition (yes, as the number marks) of the annual competition wich involves around 84 boulders from V1 to V8. Each boulder problem have a certain amount of points and the competition is three and a half hours long so it's also about strategy ;) Of course, the winner will be the man or woman with more points when the time runs over.

Girl power at the Maratonix! Sofía and Marcela. Photo by Carlos Cardona
Steady as she goes! Isabel Silva. Source: encadenemexico.com
Einar attempting this nice V4. Photo by Carlos Cardona

Especially for me this is one of my favourite comps because it's relaxed and without pressure, it's just for fun and nice prices are awarding! There are four categories and change of name every gathering; this time was Orangutang, Chimpanzee, Mandrill and Squirrel Monkey (guess which name is which category!)
Pimpin' and crimpin' with Dersu, Ivan and Oscar! Photo by Carlos Cardona

This time there were about 150 competitors with this results:

   1) Hernan García
   2) Bruno García
   3) Alan Luna
   4) Diego López
   5) Miguel Hernández
   6) Rodrigo Reskala
Hung up on tops!! Me on the last minute boulders! Pic by Carlos Cardona

   1) Ricardo García
   2) Ivan Monroy
   3) Andrés Villar
Fer in high spirits for climbing! Photo by Carlos Cardona

   1) Carlos Sevilla
   2) Jazael
   3) Braulio Pérez
I don't even remember this one! hehe Photo by Carlos Cardona

   1) Sofía Heinze
   2) Ronny Meza
   3) Francisco Santos

David Leleu firing up this problem! Photo by Carlos Cardona

The result wasn't bad at all. I achieved to climb 65 boulders and reach the puntuation of 12660!! If you're interested you can also visit the ONIX WEBSITE.

Till next time and have a good climb!